Cutting Edge Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Edge Computing, Web and Cloud Technologies.

Hands on Consulting

We prefer to be hands-on with your existing tools, systems, and environments.

Road to Success

We establish the road maps f that will guide you to technical and innovation success.

Maximised Innovation

We minimise waste by achieving maximum focus to bring the most value to your team.


Datachain is not just your ordinary consulting company

We pride ourselves to be more than just a head count to your team. We are a boutique and specialised company that focuses on cutting-edge technologies that will bring the maximum value for your teams. 

Some of the services we offer

We help you with these services in order for you and your team to be successful with your innovation and cutting-edge technologies journey. We understand that different teams have different needs, and we want to focus on what matters!

Technical Consulting

We get to the bottom of the problems of your teams and company whether that is a line of code in your system or a broken business process.

We use a people-focused approach in understanding what keeps you awake – late at night. 

Training and Coaching

We create a specialised course and syllabus that will fit for your team’s success.

We deliver a training course (online or in-person) that will ensure inclusivity regardless on level of expertise.

Research and Development

R&D is at the heart of Datachain. We are always fascinated with emerging technologies and problems it can solve. 

We are your partners in researching these technologies for your business – and eventually help in commercializing the product. 

Project Development & Delivery

Sometimes you would require a whole team or set of teams in finishing a project. 

We can scope your project and deliver in iterative and agile manner.

We have strategic partners world-wide that can assist us in project delivery 

CTO & CXO on Demand

Attending a very important meeting and would require a bit of technical bullet on your sleeves? We can help you with that!

We can be of your service to attend these meetings to explain and facilitate deep-dive technical discussions and architectures.

Whitepaper & Technical Writing

A project will only be rock-solid once it has a documentation that people can always look up to. 

We believe in the art of technical writing and how it can be an immortalised artefact for your company. 

What we do best

Technical consulting done right

Every businesses and companies are different – and so are the problems that you and your team face on a day to day basis.

Instead of thinking of a problem that a certain technology can potentially solve, we focus on understanding your pain points – head on. 

We know that your company is ran by `people` and not machines, so we develop a high level of empathy when consulting with you and your teams.

Before suggesting anything, we make sure that we fully understand the problems that you are trying to solve and all the technical solutions will come after. 

These technical solutions can be as simple as just changing one line of code from your complex systems or an informed decision to revamp a whole system. 

This approach also allows us to assess if experimenting or trialing an emerging technology is a right fit for your business – or it’s just pure hype. 

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Available for remote and in-person training

Specialised training that fits your needs

We create specialised courses and deliver bespoke training to your team. We understand that not all companies and people have the same level of proficiency or experience on things. We aspire to bring the most of everyone’s most valuable resource – time! 

We tackle different personas in delivering our courses. Are you an Executive Manager that needs to visualise or structure an innovation road-map? Are you a developer or engineer who needs “up skilling” on certain technical topics? 

The course materials that we produce are also designed to be compatible with your current projects or business domain so that there will be coherence in your job. 

Our leadership

Our leadership boasts wealthy of hands-on technical skills with track-records of project success. They are recognised as industry leaders with experience in various business industry domains and project types.

Michael Pena
Michael John Peña
Director | Principal

Michael is an experienced technical consultant, Microsoft MVP on Microsoft Azure, Author, Trainer and a thought-leader in the emerging technology space such as AI and Blockchain.

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